‘THE ONE DROP’ Mable Coffee Table, 2022


Water drops are a natural phenomenon that can be seen all around us at any time. And it has a lot of influence on human psychology directly and indirectly. And it brings up a lot of thoughts from ourselves. For example, natural water droplets on plants, small raindrops falling into a pond, and naturally generated water waves and sounds give us psychological stability and remind us of the past memory and so on. It also helps to have time to meditate. There are also mixed emotions of sadness, joy, and serenity through the meditative thinking. The visual scene of water dropping also affects our psychology a lot. The scenery of rain in nature or the raindrops seen through a window in the city causes a lot of psychological change in us. And the drops that fall on the coffee that we drink every day are small, but often convey a small sound of life or a small and big serenity. Based on this concept, I wanted to express this concept through special marbles and a coffee table. The element of the table becomes the metaphor of water droplets, and the marble floor resembles the water waves, so users who use the table in the space will experience special meaning beyond a coffee table. Thanks to ‘Botticino Classico® marble’, I was able to find marble floor panels with deep colors and the color gradiation that express the metaphored water waves created by dripping water.

In terms of technology and construction, with using installed machineries of ‘Botticino Classico® marble’, water drop shaped – marble object can be fabricated firstly. And to fix the sophisticatedly round shaped – marble object on the floor, steel post and fixing plate is installed on the floor firmly. After that, before fixing to the marble object, colorful marble floor panels are bonded on the screed layer with designed color gradiation. Finally, 15mm thickness tempered glass is inserted into the dug groove on the marble object tightly with bonding material.

Designed by KIM MIN JAE

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