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Land Area : 898,402 m2

Building Area : 13,438 m2

Site : 40°10’24.1″N 43°53’14.9″E, Armenia


First of all, when observing the overall topography, it has a quite complex topography and a clear focal central area is visible. The design begins around that place. First, in the central area, a reservoir is formed using a low level, and a little higher level part is flattened around the reservoir so that a building can be placed. Initially, the building was designed as centralized mass. However, unlike the existing centralized schools, I wanted to create a school without hierarchy along with decentralization to maximize creativity and free activities. And how to actively harmonize with the surrounding nature was a major issue. Its main purpose is to lead students to free outdoor nature exploration activities through connection with nature, while at the same time inducing new exchanges by going back and forth between decentralized buildings. To this end, the buildings were divided by programs and arranged at various angles to cause various visual changes and unexpectedly various activities. Also, ground bridges are designed to have a visual and experiential connection with the surrounding nature while passing the bridges to the other buildings. In addition, by considering the surrounding natural environment, the external circulation route covering the entire site was planned to maximize the interaction between the school activities and the landscape. In this way, the school is harmonious with nature without being flashy, and at the same time provokes many activities. In terms of sustainability, solar panels are installed on all roofs to actively receive the benefits of electric energy every hour.

Designed by KIM MIN JAE

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