‘Ocean of Dreamers’ International Library Project 2022 + [Platinum & Gold Prize Awarded]

Land Area : 9,427 m2

Building Area : 2,704 m2

Landscape Area : 1,520 m2

Public Open Space : 3,302 m2

The number of Parking Lots : (Underground) 53 cars / (Above ground) 2 cars

Site : Songdo, Incheon, South Korea


Songdo is future-oriented and its geopolitical as well as geographical location is sufficient to take on the face of an international city. Accordingly, the design concept was focused on strengthening the cultural content and solidifying its international position. The designated site is adjacent to the international airport where planes fly up and down all the time. Thus, it is a suitable place to build a powerful image open to the sea and sky while looking at the wide west coast. To create the powerful and persuasive image through the architectural design, imaginary sea surface was designed to embrace the knowledge space. This image metaphor grand ocean of all the dreamers who dream infinite imagination. More specifically, when entering the library space, I wanted to design a inner space and exterior facade design that could contribute to the formation of a free knowledge communicating community for the residents and visitors of Songdo International City while building a strong external image. To do so, the outer facade was inspired by the free waves of the sea water, and inner space was inspired by the image of books piled up embraced by the sea water. Also, it was intended to create a space that encourages imagination as a grand container of knowledge in which users can realize their dreams within the vast ocean scale. As a result, the inner space was formed to activate various movement between floors and interactions between internal programs and users. To trigger the interactions of the various aspects, different scale of community space were planned in the corner and edge of each floor. It will give the possibility to communicate with each other while reading and studying materials. In connection with inner space, outside of the library continuously provide landscape square as a public plaza. This outdoor space resembling image of sea waves serve public benches and different kind of plant species to create attractive space where visitors want to sit and rest and communicate. To complete comfortable communication plaza, semi-transparent fabric canopy was designed to filter the external environment. Through carefully designed inner and outer space, visitors will be able to unfold their imagination infinitely while feeling nature everywhere.

MUSE Design Award 2022

Result : Platinum & Gold Prize Awarded

Design by KIM MIN JAE

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