‘Coca Cola Family’ 2021

Concept of Art

Based on the Coca – Cola’s philosophy (delivering happiness to everybody through Coca – Cola), the design of coca cola tumbler was started with the concept of embracing together. The overall shape follow a unique curve of the Coca-Cola bottle’s outline, and connote two contrast people embracing each other. To do this, based on vertical symmetry, one curved diagonal line divides the bottle into two. So the upper part has main Coca-Cola logo with red background color and the lower part has the four versions of the brand (red for Regular, grey for Light, black for Zero and green for Life). As a result, the upper and lower part seem to embrace each other softly. In addition, in order to reinforce the contrast of the two strong characters, only a single color was used for each part. With the simplicity, the users can easily and intensely read the meaning behind.

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