‘Festival of Nature’ Paphos Beach Shelter 2017 + [ first prize awarded]

Site area : 2,776 m2

Building area : 1,362 m2

Design Description

Beach is a godly and mysterious border where the sea meets the land. For a long time, humanity has been living on the shore for their survivals. As time goes by, it has become a place of recreation for modern people. And beach shelters were increasingly needed for beach users’ conveniences. Here, it was aimed to transform the beach space on the interface of this marvelous nature into a space which stands for nature of festivals by respecting nature with the design of nature-like parasol beyond the function of sun shade. To do this, a parasol design was symbolized by a flower that can represent a festival among objects in nature on the land. At the same time, this was inspired by the constantly changing appearance of the sea surface. Thus, each parasol represents a living flower, and through various stages of transformation, they show various gestures of flowers that can be seen in nature. Also, from the inspiration of various sea surface colors by the reflection of the sunlight, a variety of colors resembling sea surface were put on the canopy. Finally, the designs of the parasols are completed with the users’ ongoing behaviors in the space where the parasols are installed. As a result, this space is filled with gestures of living flowers and sea surface. At the same time, it turns into a festival space resembling a living nature, with various colors, shadows and users’ actions. Functionally, the range of the sunshade can be adjusted to seven steps to suit the users’ preferences, so that those who want to tan, who want to block out direct sunlight and relax and who want to enjoy the beautiful transformation of the parasol are able to be satisfied. Technically, the parasol’s structure follows the basic components of general parasols, but the structure is upside down in comparison with general ones. As this parasol is demountable, a sand anchor is installed at the bottom end of the base tube to fix it easily on the beach sand without any additional equipment. And by moving the handle on the base tube up and down, the shape of the parasol is changed. Also, if it is completely opened when it is raining, water can be drained perfectly. And the color type of the canopy fabric has 7 types inspired by the color of the sea surface which changes according to the reflection of the sunlight. And the canopy fabric is made of high-density polyethylene with a diamond grid pattern in order to express a rough surface that seemed to be obtained in nature. Additionally, the geometry of the diamond grid enhances the colors and the textures by changing the shape of the parasol.

Paphos Beach Shelter International Design Competition

Result : First Prize (The winning project will be constructed in the Paphos beach of Cyprus.)

Design by KIM MIN JAE

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