‘Generic Transformation’ Hybrid Metro Station Project 2009

Site Area : 13,121 m2

Building Area : 7,109 m2

Total Area : 6,878 m2

The building is situated in Amsterdam-North, towards Amsterdam central. In this area the new metro line is developed. This metro station is the first in a row. It is a starting point for the development of Amsterdam-North. By combining a new hybrid public building where infrastructure and leisure are combined, it is a big attractor for the area. Bringing different kinds of user types together. With the form of this building we wanted to contribute to the connection between Amsterdam- Central and Amsterdam-North, by making the shape which is directing towards the central rather than making it an obstacle. By controlling the angle of the slope we are able to control the speed of the users. On the left side the angle is 90 degrees, which makes circulation hard, gradually the angle decreases towards 0 degrees. By adjusting the number and the position of the modifiers we can control speed. Using a lot of obstacles decreases speed, even more when placed not linear. However, using modifiers to create a clear direction can increase speed. The obstacles are created by folding some surfaces in such a way that a vertical cube rises and creates a space which can function well for the asked program. To attract people the strong attracters like cafe and bath area, are located in the middle of the building near the entrance. Every program is related to these strong attractors to seduce people to leave there normal track. Because of the various visual connections, the whole program is connected.  There are three main entrances. Two entrances are for walkers and car users, one is for bicycle user so that each transportation user is able to access the building easily. Moreover, except for attractors, every space has a multifunctional program. Depending on the users or activity, the program can be changed.

Collaborator : Lotte ten Braak