PV-Flower 2007 + [ finalist awarded ]

Site Area : 3,962 m2

Building Area : 2,200 m2

Total Area : 3,044 m2

Global warming is now being accelerated by the fossil fuel, devastating ecosystem.To prevent this environmental problem, solar energy which is using PV can be a primary substitute. In the future, PV will not be only used for solving the environmental issue, but also for one of the sphere of landscape, which will improve our daily lives. Now I will introduce PV which remind me of a bunch of flower. PV is consisted of total 18 leaf-pv. Each leaf pv is arrayed with 3 standardized pvs. And each leaf is combined with the ring in the middle with 20 degree tilted.  Also each leaf can revolve perpendicularly by 15 degree. They open when they receive the lights from sensor built in the ring in the middle, and close while not receiving them. To make this open-close happen, 2 motors are attached in the r   ing and the joint of leaf. The reason why each leaf is engaged each other by 5 degree is that they can avoid of the interference while giving a direction by getting folded into perpendicular by 15 degree. The combined ring in the middle helps to make them folded into joint parts and small motor with a sensor. Also it is attached with the devices that convert the energy from PV during the day, and the LED for the night lightening. The leaves of each PVF have the several colors by the stretched angles because the leaves were put on the specific material corresponding to the visible rays. The electricity generated on PV was conveyed to the pillar by the STRING that has 6 elastic wires connected each PVF.The pillar has the several roles, and the first role is the conservatory that saves the electricity conveyed by PV and the second role is the sensor that perceives the light at the top of pillar so that the pillar with three phases can move high and down. These high-low changes induce up and down movement of STRING, so that the angle was easy to get more light like the figure. PVFs of a commercial building are only changed by the strength of light and there is no change of three dimensions, because unlike kinder garden commercial building has no part that is blocked by the shade of other buildings. Solar energy is conserved in conservatories that is in the each pillar. And the light coming through courtyard makes the change of multiple shades and the change presents the unique atmosphere in the interior of commercial building. This will work strong attraction to people who use the commercial building. In the deck of second floor, the pattern of several shades on the floor and wall causes interesting circumstances.

2nd Lisbon Ideas Challenge International Competition

Result : Finalist

Design by KIM MIN JAE