Musical Light 2006

People have listened to music for a long time, so it has become a belonging in their lives. The music doesn’t occupy our leisure time just for enjoying. This music is used to treat painful people. Especially, the classical music is said to have a good effect on an unborn baby. What is the reason that music can be used in such various fields like this? It might have great effects on human-being psychologically, physically, mentally, and socially. Good music makes our mind comfortable, while bad music calls nerves and unpleasant feeling. Good music solves insomnia, or lowers blood pressure, basal metabolism and a breathing rate to solve stress. After analyzing components of this music, Can we apply them to architectural components? and then it can induce people to similar reactions? Before applying it to architecture, Light is decided to be used actively. It is called ‘Musical Light’. From now, relationship between musical light and light will be expressed with the components.

1. Point : Point is an original unit at visual figure that light expresses. In a music, it can be expressed as a note and be also an original unit that can’t be split any more.

2. Line : Line is a basic unit that composes shapes with several points and in a music, several notes make a motive and a passage. The notes in a motive being connected, they form a line visually.

3. Direction : Direction of a line is often being used in a compositional technique.

4. Shape : The shape of light is generated in 2-dimensions or 3-dimensions.  In a music, the shape made of a melody is called figure. And it is an important component when a music is judged.

5. Texture : Music also has an expression of texture: soft, touch and comfort etc. These expressions are usually applied to express sounds of instruments and atmosphere of whole music.

6. Color : Because of diffusion and reflection in a light, light can be divide into various colored lights. In a music, there are colors.  In two points of view, one point is a tone color, and another is a color-effect generated from variation of harmony. The former becomes a basis of judgements arranging appropriate tone colored instruments in a orchestra. In the latter’s case, it is used to vary changing of music’ color through arranging chords.

7. The bright and the dark : As a light has the bright and the dark clearly, in a music light and shadow can express brightness and darkness that a music has, called tonality, cresendo and decresendo.

8. Size : Light has the size with the space being occupied by. As it expanding infinitely, the light has infinite size. In a music, the size can be explained with a size of a music. In other words, from a small scaled music like a solo to a large scaled music like an orchestra or a chorus, there are many  sorts of size’s music.

With these components, the music that impress our mind is born by a composing method : repetition, harmony, contrast, discord, unity, gradiation, balance, symmetry, proportion. Musical light is born by following components of music and compositional method. As a design strategy to apply above components and method to musical light, actually music can be introduced to the architecture. By waves of music, as actually the ceiling and the wall changing, they produce light that can feel music, a new space, and a new mind.  About the mechanism, a mound(with sound bowl)is located in a central space and waves are delivered to ceilings and walls through it. and then they stimulate sensor feeling waves in members divided severally. After that, those sensors move vertically and rotate with transforming an elastic surface of a member.  After all, the ceiling and the walls make lots of gaps that light can rhythmic connections. Not only this sequence act only as composing musical light only one time, but also many walls are overlapped and then the light filtered by a wall is filtered again by other walls. The more this space is expanded, the more various the musical light become. It is our assignments what can feel in the space with musical light.


2006 International International VELUX Award Competition Entry